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July 02, 2007


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Mikael  Rudolph


Breathe. God is with you.

Impeachment IS the moral imperative of our day.

Boenhoeffer had his calling and you have yours.

Thank you for your words.

Mikael Rudolph

Ryan Bell

Mikael, you're so kind - like a pastor to me. When I read your words, Breathe. God is with you," I just felt my body relax. Thanks for you website as well. Shalom!

Johnny A. Ramirez

On the other hand, they are playing to their base. The GOP saw the Libby thing as a witch hunt.

In somewhat related news, the immigration plan flopped. The GOP saw that as a victory.

Both items illustrate the huge gulf between the power base of the GOP and the national opinion at large.

And both events shape public opinion against the GOP. The immigration debacle has the possibility of being to the national party what Prop. 187 was to the California GOP.

Either way, the neoconservatives have really shown themselves to be very shortsighted. But should we have expected anything else? Everything they've done has been short sighted and ill conceived/ implemented.

Johnny A. Ramirez

I was reading an LA Times article just now saying how popular this decision to pardon Libby was. It had a poll on the sidebar. As of tonight the results are-

Do you agree with Pres. Bush that 30 months in federal prison is excessive for telling a lie?
958 total responses

I thought you'd like that poll result. I don't think you're alone!

Ryan Bell

Johnny, I found what you were referring to in the LA Times website. After my vote, the tally is up to 7.3% YES and 92.7% NO, with 3258 votes cast. This is a mini-referendum! Fellow readers, go to the link below and vote!



I'm right there with you Ryan. This lawlessness has got to be addressed by our representatives.

Johnny A. Ramirez

It is up to 5000 votes and it still hasn't dipped under 90%. Amazing huh?

Ed Guzman

This is what I am talking about, we are not powerless. Lets take our representatives to task. The operative word being representative. Sometimes we forget that the governmental system of the US is not democracy. Democracy is just the process. This country is a Republic. We pick our heroes and dingbats.

So yeah I am totally with this movement. Let's get that video deposition going.

BTW. I am feeling a little conflicted. Is it like a bad thing if I sell my Haliburton holdings before this thing hits that fan? :?) Need some moral clarity.

Ryan Bell

As a pastor I would say that IF you pay a double tithe on your increase you could hold on a bit longer and maximize your profits! You can make that check out to "Hollywood Adventist Church!" ;)

Ed Guzman


Mikael  Rudolph

Shalom, Ryan.

Seriously. Question everything, but do not question what you know inside of everything is right and just. God is with you. God is in you. Peace. But Peace only comes by the path of Justice. There is no other way there.

Ask MLK.

Ask Ghandi.

Ask Boenhoeffer.

Ask Jesus.

Mikael  Rudolph

p.s., my spiritual mentor through college at Whitman was a Fuller grad: Pastor Rich Lang.

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